How To Pick The Best Underskate Socks For Hockeyic

How To Pick The Best Underskate Socks For Hockeyic

The sport of ice hockey is fast and violent. Which is why we like it so much. It requires large men to fly around a relatively small ice hockey rink carrying "L"-shaped weapons of destruction, also known as hockey sticks. It requires endurance, strength and stamina, which players use to try and get a very small object, the puck, into a well-guarded net. It is a tough man's sport.

Despite the size and disposition of those who play it professionally in the U.S., hockey is also played and enjoyed by women and children. If you are going to play hockey, or are responsible for dressing a child who will be playing hockey, then the right equipment is essential for preventing injury and making the sport enjoyable. There are some things that are obvious, such as a pair of skates, a hockey stick, and a puck. But there are also some less obvious requirements, such as a really good pair of socks underneath your skates.

By strict definition, hockey socks are actually more like open-ended tubes worn over shin guards. They are important, but also very important are the real socks that a player wears under his skates. This article focuses on what a player should look for in a sock to wear beneath his skates.

The number one requirement for hockey is that is be played on ice while wearing ice skates. So hockey is definitely a cold weather sport. So the first feature in your sock to look for is one that will keep your feet warm. It is also highly suggested that you wear socks that wick moisture away from your feet. Having moisture trapped against your foot will make your feet much less comfortable.

An example of a fiber that works well for the above purposes is Merino wool. This highly prized form of wool comes from Merino sheep. It is very soft and comfortable sustainable wool with excellent insulating properties. Merino wool also does a great job pulling moisture away from your skin.

Compression is also a feature you should look for in a hockey sock. Playing hockey is murder on your feet and ankles. Compression socks hold your muscles in place, reducing vibration, which alleviates soreness. Athletes who wear compression socks also often claim that it greatly reduces soreness after an event. A final benefit of compression socks is they help improve circulation, which will help keep your feet warm and comfortable.

You will have more control of your skates if you wear a thin sock. It might seem like going for a thin sock is counterintuitive to the idea of wearing a warm sock, but that is not true. High thread count athletic socks can be both thin and warm enough for sporting applications such as hockey.

Finally, it is a good idea to avoid socks with seams. Seams can eventually become uncomfortable or cause pain. Seamless socks are much more comfortable and will usually last longer.

In a demanding sport like hockey, you should seek every advantage you can and every comfort you can so that you can focus on the game at hand. Don't let cheap or unsuitable socks be your downfall.

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